Church Financial Management provides customized packages that will allow you to make an investment in your ministry. Our desire is to help you manage financial, administrative, and legal areas so that you can focus on ministering. We want to assist you in developing a solid biblical financial foundation. Our desire is to teach, educate, and train ministries through assistance in the packages listed below. These packages are available to accommodate what services would best fit your ministry needs. Your ministry is worth the Investment!

​Our cost recovery fees are based upon the individual church profile, taking into account factors such as annual budget, average church attendance, number of paid staff, number of bills/payables, and additional items where applicable*.​​

Monthly Financial Package


Items included in this package:

Software Package




Items included in this package:

Service Contract Package


Items included in this package:

Initial Consultation and Set-up


Includes assessment/creation of current budget, payroll, and the financial state and/or the implementation of new financial programs and budget to meet current needs of the church


Financial Management Services

     * Average Monthly Rate......................$250-$500


Budget/Reporting & Contribution tracking software

Contact about cost


         a) Initial Consultation

         b) Customization of budget

         c) Instructional overview of


         d) Contribution Tracking

CFM's Budget/Reporting and Contribution Software is a user friendly excel based income and expense tracking system which generates useful reports that assist churches in tracking their finances.



Individual Consulting Sessions 

$40.00 per hr*

    Includes (items listed on Services page):

​            a) Financial Management Items

            b) Administrative Items

            c) Legal Advisement


Monthly Service Consultations *

            a) 2 hours per month


            b) 3 hour per month


* Monthly Service Consultations are only available in 6 or 12 month contracts.

Conference/ Training Events

.........Cost: Travel Reimbursement + Honorarium