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Church Financial Management provides customized servicing packages that will allow you to make an investment in your ministry. Our desire is to help you manage the financial areas of your organization so that you can focus on ministering. Our goals in assisting your church are rooted in these 5 values:

  1. Equipping Financials – Advancing the church through resourcing financial and organizational next steps which equip the church to fulfill God’s Mission.

  2. Empowering Systems - Promoting healthy, God honoring financial systems, processes, and organizational thought in order to empower the church.

  3. Missional Management - Managing the financial details so the church can minister according to its mission.

  4. Customized Servicing – Providing services that are tailored to the church and sound in practice

  5. Courageous Compliance – Assisting the church to be compliant with its financial operations in order to honor God, operate with integrity, and function according to the laws of the land.


Your ministry is worth the Investment!


Monthly FinanCIal servicing

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financial servicing


ONE-TIME Financial servicing

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one-time servicing



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planning and coaching sessions

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