Monthly Financial


As with all our servicing to churches, we build a customized system that is needed and works for each individual church. No church is the same and neither should your fees.

Our servicing is broken out into three tiers, Basic, Plus, and Advanced. Your church can choose which option is best. 









 Monthly Fees:

Servicing Notes:

* One-time Onboarding Fee of $150 applies

** One-time Onboarding Fee of $250 applies

>CFM will manage financials through QuickBooks Online.

>The cost recovery fee range is based on number of bank accounts, designated accounts, staff, monthly payables.     (The monthly fee will be determined after consulting with the church and determining time demands)

>CFM partners with MinistryWorks for payroll and will manage their system or a similar payroll system.

>The church will be responsible for paying accounting and payroll system fees.

>CFM does not track donor info or receipt gifts for organizations.

>CFM charges a $10 fee per 1099-NEC processed for the church.



Servicing Tiers

Basic Bookkeeping

Monthly Reporting

Bank Reconciliations

Payroll Management

Accounting Insights




Fee Structure

(Annual Budget Size)

Up to $150,000*

Up to $250,000**

Up to $350,000**

Up to $450,000**

Over $450,000






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