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One-Time Servicing

Below are a few of the main One-Time Servicing options in which CFM can empower and advance your church's financial system.

  1. Quarterly, Bi-Annually, or Annual Accounting Check-Ins

    1. Review by way of logging in to church financial software to ensure balance sheet reconciliation and proper accounting functions have been applied to financials. This service promotes healthy and sound financials.

    2. Custom tailored to each church.

    3. Contact us for a personalized quote

  2. Financial Assessment

    1. A financial process in which we work with the church to identify specific financial and administrative needs of the church and to evaluate whether there are adequate policies, controls, and/or processes in place for ministry accountability, success, and protection.

    2. The assessment has the church complete a Detailed Church Financial Profile questionnaire and complete a Church Document Inventory Checklist.

    3. Upon review, CFM will provide a health assessment based on the findings of the completed documents. The assessment will include both a numeric score and a next steps to consider for the church.

    4. Fee: $300

  3. Financial Examinations

    1. An independent examination of church financials, controls, and processes to ensure compliance, accountability, and integrity in the church financial system. This examination is conducted to evaluate financial transactions and processes in order to generate financial statements and recommendations. This is a non-CPA endorsed review, similar to a financial audit.

    2. Contact us for a personalized quote

  4. Financial Policies

    1. Financial Policies are tools to assist the church in remaining compliant with nonprofit, federal, state, and local guidelines. These policies also create and maintain structure, accountability, clarity, understanding in the church’s financial system, as well as safeguard against theft and embezzlement.

    2. Contact us for a personalized quote

  5. Chart of Accounts Generation & Consulting

    1. The Chart of Accounts refers to the labeling of accounts in the church’s general ledger system. This system categorizes accounts by type, classification, number, and reporting type. Having a Chart of Accounts that makes sense and helps organize financial data can be a great aid in helping the church read and understand its financials.

    2. Contact us for a personalized quote

  6.  Administrative

    1. Nonprofit Start-up Assistance – Incorporation, EIN, State Business Registration

    2. Employment Record Keeping

    3. Creating budgets

    4. Sales Tax Exemption

    5. Clergy tax clarification

    6. Dissolution of Corporation (state filing)

    7. Contact us for a personalized quote

    8. And more...

  7. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us. Let's talk!

Hourly fees shall be billed at $45/hour

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