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We manage so
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At Church Financial Management we desire for churches and non-profits to be successful in the areas of Financial and Administrative Management. We understand that the heart of many church leaders cannot be tied to the financial areas of ministry. Our goal is to bridge the gap for churches and provide the management of financial and administrative matters so that the church leadership can focus on ministering to its people and community.

Churches out of


Estimates range from 65 to 85% of churches may be out of compliance with the rules, regulations, and laws that govern withholdings, charitable giving, staff hiring & policies, church operations, and internal controls.  Being out of compliance can lead to financial penalties, loss of assets, and in some cases legal ramifications.

Planning through


The primary goal of a budget is not to cut spending but to spend effectively and make every dollar spent count. In general, budgeting has three main facets that together help fulfill this primary goal:

  • It identifies unnecessary expense areas while creating accountability

  • It identifies where and how much can be saved

  • It identifies and sets achievable periodic goals

Your budget is a tool for planning and financial direction. Your budget should be a road map to give your ministry direction. By structuring your expenditures and highlighting weak spots through budgeting, you can plug loopholes where non productive expenditure occurs. These "savings" can then be diverted towards necessary future spending and Kingdom investment.