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Advancing the church by... empowering the next financial and organizational Step...

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We are a group of individuals that are passionate about helping churches bridge the financial and administrative gap found in the church today. Not all churches are equipped with personnel who have time or that are capable to handle the bookkeeping, accounting, financial, organizational, and payroll tasks we face today. Changes are occurring more and more frequently that are affecting the church and ministries serving our communities. CFM is a build your own, customizable, service to churches, nonprofits, and individuals. We, ourselves, are a nonprofit organization so we understand what a nonprofit organization needs to function properly. We at CFM understand that every church has similarities, but each one has unique elements. We want to service your ministry taking in to account the uniqueness of your ministry setting. Unlike some similar organizations out there, we exist to do more than just bookkeeping or payroll. Though we do these things, we assess the whole financial and administrative picture of your church through our assessment tools and understanding of financial policies. These tools guide us to develop financial and administrative action plans to ensure health.


There are many laws, regulations, and tasks that pertain to ministries in which they are not aware of. Estimates say that between 65 and 85 percent of churches are out of compliance with Federal/IRS, state, and/or local financial and administrative regulations.


Our goal is not to take your payment for service and pad our pockets! Our rates are affordable and based on your church’s size and need. We are a nonprofit organization so your cost for services is not geared towards generating a profit for a company. A portion of our revenue is used to fund missions efforts throughout the country and world.

Our Servuces

CFM is ready to provide assistance with administrative and legal items such as:

-Clergy Tax

-Employment Record Keeping

-Financial Policies

-Nonprofit Start-up

& Coaching

CFM is excited to assist your church with planning or coaching through any service items found in the Financial Management and Admin & Legal sections. Other areas include:

- General Consulting Sessions

-Financial Team Training

-Treasurer Training


CFM provides financial management services such as the following:

-Accounting Analysis

-Bank Reconciliations



-Chart of Accounts 

-Financial Assessments

-Financial Examinations

Ready to find out more?

Click on the Services, Investment, or Contact Us tabs to begin learning more about how Church Financial Management can assist your church. Let CFM move your church's mission forward through empowered and courageous financial management!


-Systems empower the church

-The budget is a teaching tool

-Change takes courage

-Your church should have an Accountable Reimb. Plan

-"There is not one way to save $1,000, but there may be 1,000 ways to save $1."


65 to 85 percent of churches are out of compliance related to Federal, IRS, State, or local regulations.


Mission: Advancing the church to its next financial and organizational step.

Vision: Creating financial and organizational victories for the church.


What Others are Saying...

"Church Financial Management is a must for any church. In a culture where the church is scrutinized from every angle, it is wise to have a partner like CFM in your corner. Their team are not just accountants that help ministries, they are ministers that use their gifts and strengths to help ministry happen. Grace Falls has not only been encouraged and affirmed by this ministry but we are stronger for it! I can without hesitation recommend CFM and thank God for their investment in the Kingdom.
    - Buff, Church Planter/Pastor
"When it comes to a healthy church, one key element is to make sure your budget is directed by the vision. CFM aided and guided our finance team to make sure our church's budget was fueled by our vision so that our church grew to greater health. We are eternally grateful for their wisdom and commitment to our church and its vision."
     - Rob, Pastor 
" Church Financial Management has been a tremendous help to the development of the new ministry I started. Their knowledge and expertise with wage tax and budgeting issues have informed me personally and helped me to be a faithful steward of the resources that have been given to my ministry. I would recommend Church Financial Management’s services to any church or ministry seeking financial guidance or servicing."
     - Mitch, Ministry Founder
“Church Financial Management has provided us with incredible service. Their professionalism and attention to detail has freed me from worrying about the finances and given me more time to focus on ministry and the church. I'm not sure how I ever got along without them!”
     - Mark, Pastor 
“No matter what ministry I am involved in I want Church Financial Management on my team!”
     - Steve, Pastor
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