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Properly handling the administrative and legal items of your ministry can easily become overwhelming. Our desire is to help you bridge the gap to implementing proper administrative and legal actions. Managing the details can be difficult and at times confusing. Whether you are looking to incorporate your ministry, trying to determine a minister's compensation package, establish financial policies, or looking to dissolve your ministry let CFM assist you.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of Administrative & Legal areas in which CFM would love to empower the church with:


  • Clergy/Ministerial payroll:

    • Guidance on self-employment tax (Dual tax status)

    • Tax Issues

    • Housing Allowance

  • Financial Policies:

    • Policies & Documents

    • Employment Record Keeping

    • Records Retention

  • Nonprofit Entity Start-Up​:

    • Assistance with Incorporation

    • Filing for Federal ID Number

    • Setting up to do Business in your state

  • State Sales Tax Exemption​

  • Dissolution of Corporation

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