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Healthy and productive churches must always be willing to advance their financial structure and systems in order to empower the church's mission. A sound and biblical financial system greatly enhances the ability of the church to generate a Kingdom impact. As churches, we need to be financially accountable and prepared in order to serve Christ in any capacity, at any time, and in any part of the world. No matter what size the church, financial strength and accuracy must be a priority. Without proper financial management the church's ability to fulfill its mission and vision is stifled.


Let CFM jumpstart your church's financial system by allowing us to assist in one or more of these areas. Below is a non-exhaustive list of Financial Management servicing:


  • ​Chart of Accounts/General Ledger maintenance

  • Bookkeeping services

    • Accounts Payable​

    • Bank Account Analysis/Reconciliation

    • Budgeting - Setup, Consulting, & Monitoring

    • Monthly income and expense tracking

    • Monthly Reporting

  • Debt Management

  • Financial Assessments (A graded Systems & Process evaluation)

  • Financial Examinations (a non-CPA audit)

  • Payroll & Clergy tax consulting

  • We also work with a third party payroll provider to incorporate payroll under CFM management.

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