What Others Are Saying...

" Church Financial Management  is a must for any church planter. In a culture where the church is scrutinized from every angle, it is wise to have a partner like CFM in your corner. Their team are not just accountants that help ministries, they are ministers that use their gifts and strengths to help ministry happen. Grace Falls has not only been encouraged and affirmed by this ministry but we are stronger for it! I can without hesitation recommend CFM and thank God for their investment in the Kingdom.
    - Buff, Church Planter
"When it comes to a healthy church, one key element is to make sure your budget is directed by the vision. CFM aided and guided our finance team to make sure our church's budget was fueled by our vision so that our church grew to greater health. We are eternally grateful for their wisdom and commitment to our church and its vision."
     - Rob, Pastor 
" Church Financial Management has been a tremendous help to me in the development of my ministry, Christianity in the Public Square. Their knowledge and expertise with tax and budgeting issues have informed me personally and helped me to be a faithful steward of the resources that have been given to my ministry. I would recommend Church Financial Management’s services to any church or ministry seeking financial guidance."
     - Mitch, Ministry Founder                                                                                                           
“Church Financial Management has provided me with an incredible service. Their professionalism and attention to detail has freed me from worrying about the books and given me more time to focus on ministry and the church. I'm not sure how I ever got along without them!”
      - Mark, Pastor
“Church Financial Management helps provide services that allow church planters to focus on building relationships and starting their church, rather than on spending hours dealing with the administrative and financial matters for their new church start. The hours Church Financial Management helps a church planter save equates over into hours that are used to share and show people the love of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a very cost effective way to save time and resources, then I would highly recommend using Church Financial Management. CFM is a huge asset to our Church Planting Network (MC2) in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.”
      -Barry  (Baptist Resource Network of PA/SJ)
“No matter what ministry I am involved in I want Church Financial Management on my team!”
      - Steve, Pastor
“Church Financial Management has been one of the biggest assets to helping us have a successful launch as a church planting network. They provided consultation as well as customized accounting software that has exceeded our expectations. Their assistance has been invaluable to us and has equipped us to financially succeed. I would highly recommend the use of their services and products to any church, church plant, or ministry.”
      - Heather, Ministry Founder